Posted by: Karen | December 11, 2004

15 minutes

If you don’t like the weather in Calgary, wait 15 minutes. Or, if you do like it, get out in it quick, before it passes.

At 8 this morning the temp was 3.4C/38.1F and looked just ducky for a run. I was dressed to run, but needed to eat some breakfast. By the time I finished my toast, coffee and newspaper, the temp had dropped to -1C/30.2F and the wind was blowing the BBQ cover around the deck (what’s it doing off the BBQ?).

Now we have a full scale blizzard in effect 90 minutes later, and it’s -2.1C/28.22F, with the snow whipping sideways.

If it were a XC race day, I’d be out there with my race reds and jingle bells on. Since it’s not, and I can still do my weekend run tomorrow…

I’m going shopping.


  1. I gave up on my BBQ cover a year ago because the wind kept blowing it off and throwing it around the yard. The bad thing is that the push-button ligher fills with water, freezes, cracks, and then doesn’t work. I replaced 3 before figuring it out. Duh.

    And, yes, shopping sounds like a good plan in those conditions.

  2. Ah, the weather. What are we going to do about it?

    Talking about BBQs. This year I’m having a BBQ for New Year’s Eve right here in my tiny appartment with an electric BBQ that is nothing more than a piece of junk. I suppose the intention is what counts. Besides, my friends would be just as happy if I didn’t cook anything provided I still supply them with beer. Pass the Coronas! (“Pasen las chelas”, as they say in Mexico)

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