Posted by: Karen | December 10, 2004

Shopping Hooky

Last night I had planned on going Christmas shopping, but I my sludgy sinuses were acting up with the Chinook weather. I took some acetaminophen and the pain went away, but I still felt tired and not capable of thinking clearly enough to make meaningful Christmas purchases.

I felt VERY capable of running a few miles, so I changed into my running clothes and ran down a big hill to the Y and back. Most of the sidewalks had been cleared and I was easily able to run around the ice patches. The 1C/33.8F breeze was so lovely and warm, and I felt much more lively after my run.

I happily hopped in the van, went and picked up Social-Butterfly Boy from his event, and then curled up in front of Survivor with some chocolate-covered cherries.


  1. That’s determination–too sick to shop but not to run? Way to go!!

  2. Actually, I forgot to confess how much I detest shopping. Maybe it could be fun if we weren’t so… “financially challenged”, but having to squeeze tons of meaningfulness-appropriate-to-the-receiver out of our budget drives me nuts.

    Give me a run any day!

  3. “The 1C/33.8F breeze was so lovely and warm”

    You are truly insane! 85F is warm. 33.8 is hibernation! Yow!

  4. I agree with Skatemom. Brrrrrrrr! Sorry the cold is still hanging on. At least there was chocolate, depite it being cherries. Never did like cherries.

  5. I think I’m pretty much over the cold. This was probably a little leftover green stuff left in the sinuses that would have left peacefully if it weren’t for the Chinook.

    Chinooks are a weather system that blows big pockets of warm air over the mountains and the change in barometric pressure plays havoc with sinus cavities all over the city. Thursday morning the temperatures rose 20 celcius degrees in 2 hours!

    I was mostly just avoiding shopping.

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