Posted by: Karen | December 8, 2004

IceBugs Follow-Up

I talked to Gord about Icebugs last night. He carries them at his store and they cost about $165ish Cdn. They’re still a pretty new thing to Calgarians, so he didn’t have a lot to tell me about what local runners think of them yet. I’ll keep you posted if I hear of any personal experiences with them.

I posted a general question to one of our local Calgary Roadrunners member’s lists. One of our members tried the Icebugs out on a trail race recently and lost quite a few of the studs in one run. I still think they have a lot of potential for a winter training shoe for me, as I don’t think I would be as hard on the shoe as that runner was. I got to hold a women’s Ice Bug, which is also a motion control shoe, and it looked like it had a lot of support. Don’t even think of wearing these things indoors, though. They could do serious damage to your floor.

I could definitely save up for a pair and try them out next winter.


  1. COOL! I WANT SOME! Doubly cool that they come in motion control.

  2. I’d definately want to try a pair. It would be a shame if the studs only lasted for 100 miles or so. I’ll be waiting for your official report. 🙂

  3. the icebug DMG with studs in my new favorite winter running shoe.
    I can’t believe how well they dig into ice but still allow you to run on hard surfaces like asphalt!

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  5. I am looking for a distributor in Van BC for Ice Bugs. My friends have been using them for all their winter trail runs as well as on our icy Cariboo roads for a couple years and wouldn’t use any other foot wear in the winter. Our local sports shop will be getting them in but not until Nov. and I have a race I wanted to go to in Kamloops the first w/eof Nov and they will probably be the footwear of choice for the day. If anyone knows who sells them in Vancouver I woulld be happy to know as I have to make a trip to the city before race day .Thanks Kathy
    PS I climbed Kilimanjaro this summer and used body glide on my feet every morning. I did not have a red spot and definitely NO blisters. It’s great.

  6. hmm, ive only just found out about icebugs, in desperation this winter which has been icier than any ive experienced before, at the moment i fall over everytime i run (6 days a week, which is really giving my body something to think about..!) and am DESPERATE to have a proper run out there, i have to slow down so much to be careful to the point where my run is basically ineffectual, im also trying to train for a marathon in april and feel like im losing soooo much valuable time,
    Icebugs are quite expensive though arent they? and is there a pretty good range, ie sizes types and the like? i wonder if its worth my buying a pair just for this one winter.
    but then again maybe next year will be similar, who knows.


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