Posted by: Karen | December 8, 2004

A Little Chilly

Can you tell I’ve been Christmasing hither and thither, doing the super-soccer-band-mom thing with holiday preparations on top? It probably isn’t really obvious, but that’s where I’ve been the last few days.

Last night the Pink Lady, Yo-go and I showed up at Gord’s for our weekly Tuesday night Penguin run. It was a tad chilly, at about -17C/1.4F, with a wee breeze. We headed west of the store, down the curling club stairs, over Memorial Drive and west again to 14th St and back. It was probably the coldest run we’ve done this season so far, but there will be colder yet. The air was rather invigorating, once we got going.

Yo-go and I started out at quite a clip. I think we were trying to out-run the cold feeling. We started out into the breeze, so our faces went numb almost immediately. I countered it bravely by talking incessantly, until my lips felt almost normal again.

My legs were quite happy with the pace, but I ended up doing the same thing I did on Saturday, legs happily clipping along, cardio system telling me to slow down. I still managed to blather on and on, so I couldn’t have been running that hard.

Even before we reached the bridge I was quite damp under all my layers. I didn’t need two pairs of red mitts – should have left the under-liners in the van. I was wearing thin leggings under lined windpants, my long-sleeved tech shirt under a regular T, with a v-neck fleece and then my lined windbreaker over top. I had a red fluffy scarf around my neck, but not up around my face, and a red toque to top it all off. I ended up un-zipping the windbreaker after a while. My legs were just right.

Pink Lady told us she planned to run to 10th St. and then return on the same side of the river, so we didn’t cross the river at 14th St., came back on the same side, and went back up Centre Street. Where did she go? She must have done a really short run? When we got back to the store she wasn’t there – she’d gone over to the other side of the river after all! 🙂

Overall the route had icy patches, but the river pathways still had a lot of dry pavement and we were just careful under the bridges. I don’t mind ice as much as I mind knee-deep snow for running.



  1. Wow…I was cold just reading this! Sounds like a fun run despite the cold temps!

  2. Holy cow. That’s way too cold for me. Mad props to you for braving it!

  3. Karen: Enjoyed reading a lively description of a COLD run! Sounds fun.

  4. rules texas hold em


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