Posted by: Karen | December 5, 2004

Crunchy Slush

Yesterday I woke up to a snow-covered world. The forecasters had predicted snow and rapidly-dropping temperatures, but so far it was still fairly warm for a world with snow covering it (-2C/28F).

I’ve been recovering steadily from my cold, but admit it was a doozie. Yesterday was my 10th day with a pocket full of tissues, but I was up for a RUN! I hemmed and hawed about strapping on the Yaktrax, as the snow layer was still pretty thin, but didn’t know how icy the ground would be under the white stuff. I debated whether to wear the windbreaker or just an extra t-shirt.

Better safe than sorry, I wore both the windbreaker and the Yaktrax and set my hopes for a 7 km jog, with a fall-back of 5km if I didn’t feel good. The first km went swimmingly, though my legs and cardio system disagreed about the pace, and I vascillated between the legs feeling fantastic and the lungs working hard to keep up. The sidewalk snow tractor had been out, and there wasn’t much covering the ground, just a little slush, so I took off the Yaktrax for the second km.

The slush was slipperier than I thought. It was like jelly with a thin crust on top. Upside down toast. It even sounded like it when my feet landed. Clish, clish, clish.

I put the darn things back on my feet for the 3rd km and was feeling so beautifully warmed up and secure that I ran a 5:30 km! What the heck was I thinking, said my lungs. Settle down and find a nice pace or we’ll whine all the way home, they said. So my legs finally found a comfy pace and I jogged happily all the way home.

Man, it felt good! I hadn’t had a good, solid run like this in weeks.

Update on other fronts: Hubby is feeling pretty amazing since starting on antibiotics earlier this week. He thanks you for your healthy wishes.

We have more snow now this morning, and the temperatures have plummeted to -14C/6.8F. Glad I went out yesterday šŸ™‚



  1. I didn’t get out after we chatted so I will be running today. However, despite what the thermometer says it really doesn’t feel that cold. I just came in from shovelling and I think it will be an enjoyable run. Definitely wearing the Yaktraks.

  2. Yacktraks? Is this a frozen tundra thing? You two both live in darn cold climates!

  3. Check out this post I did a while back
    on Yaktrax. They are darn amazing and leave some pretty interesting foot prints, too.

  4. I didn’t get out yesterday, either. Did an 8k this morning and it really wasn’t that cold. Shovelled the snow off the driveway when I got back. It felt good to be outside. I really don’t know why everyone was so bundled up. Now, tonight. That’s a different story.

  5. I’m impressed with your running in that weather and slush. A good run, too! I guess I need to shut my mouth about the weather here:)

  6. Karen: I enjoyed your comments on my blog (learning from elite runners/T-Shirt enjoyment).

    Wow! Good for you–braving the elements! Actually, I enjoy when we get snow but we don’t get it too much here.

    Talk to ya later–Mid-Pack Mom

  7. Weather never stops me from running with one exception – when it is REALLY icy. No sense in breaking a leg out there!


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