Posted by: Karen | December 1, 2004

Tuesday Run and continuation of my busy life

The Pink Lady and I showed up last night to run with the Gord’s group and the weather was just perfect for a jog. LL and Tri-Babe started out with us, too. I had a lovely warm-up jog with the latter and then dropped back to spend the rest of the run with the Pink Lady. I felt like I could have run the usual 6-7 km, at a slightly slower pace, but decided not to push myself. We did about 4 km and had a nice chat. I have a busy family to tend to, and can’t afford to delay my cold recovery.

I came home from running at about 8:45 to find Hubby unconscious in bed, most of the dishes done, and the Little Mermaid happily singing along to a “My God is so GOOD, so strong and so MIGHTY…” tape in the basement. It took a little persuasion, but I eventually got her tucked in to bed and finished up the dishes the Boy had missed while he put away the left overs he had overlooked. We settled down with some milk and chocolate and watched some cartoons for a bit before I sent him up to bed.

Just as I was thinking I should head to bed myself, the Hubby weakly resurrects and I warm up some leftover pork and rice for him. Poor guy. What IS it that makes men so SICK when they are sick? We had some canned peaches together, he felt strong enough to make it back up the stairs and back into bed.

He’s still there. I called him in sick this morning. He isn’t going anywhere ’til he’s better.

Now it’s time for me to re-package this meat into meal-size portions and freeze it, start a load of laundry and get ready for work. I sure hope I have some time to read blogs some time tonight.



  1. A woman’s work is never done is what Mom used to say.

  2. wow…i think it’s your organization that keeps you sane. that and the running!

    it is funny how us guys tend to let being sick hit us harder than our female counterparts. haven’t been that sick in a while, but when i go down, i go down HARD. hope you hubby is feeling better soon!

  3. You’ve got one busy life!

    My wife always grumbles when some bug is going around our house because she always gets really ill, and I always get “bug-lite”. Must be fiber. 🙂


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