Posted by: Karen | November 26, 2004

Another Use for Bodyglide

I use Bodyglide on long runs in the summer, to keep certain body parts from chafing and becoming painful.

I just discovered it works really well on my chapped nose, too 🙂



  1. Now wait a minute, is that the very same stick that you are applying to, uh, other body areas? 😉

  2. ha ha HA! No.
    Well, yeah, but my “other body parts” mainly include where my upper arm chafes my bra, and other bra-related parts. I have been darn fortunate not to need it yet in places where the sun doesn’t shine.

  3. Hmmm…just what are you running in girlfriend? The sun don’t shine on my bra-related parts. As for me I use cheap stick deodarant instead of body glide and I ain’t putting that on my nose…lol…lol.


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