Posted by: Karen | November 25, 2004


Alright, alright, the cold finally got me. I feel like someone put a hedgehog in my head at the back of my nose, where the passages to the mouth and ears meet. I’m all prickly and itchy and bitchy, and blowing my nose a lot. This morning I could barely swallow, and Dayquil hasn’t done a thing for my runny nose. I went back to bed this morning instead of blogging OR jogging.

I’m absolutely SURE it has nothing to do with my race last Sunday. Nothing. In fact, perhaps if I’d gone for my stupid recovery run the other day, my higher body temperature would have killed the nasty germs.

It will go away right away, though, because I’m hardy. And I have a XC race on Saturday! I might end up taking the 4k option instead of the 8. I might do it a lot slower than I normally would, depending on how I feel.

The exercise and soup afterwards will do me good. Right?



  1. “Slower” *ears perk up*. Does this mean I have a chance to run with you instead of way behind…lol. Actually I am sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope you are well for Saturday. Love the blog.

  2. Hello Karen,
    Drink some warm water, wait half an hour and go for a foot massage. After that a good sleep. It works for me.
    terence in Kuala Lumpur

  3. I’ve been feeling the same way — I spent a loooong time under the hot shower today snorting and trying to clear the nose. I CANNOT be sick, but if I have to be, I’d rather do it now then in two weeks!

    Feel better and get lots of rest!

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