Posted by: Karen | November 24, 2004

Resting Up

I missed my Tuesday group run last night to take Soccer Boy to his game and cheer him on to victory, 2 to 1. I probably shouldn’t have yelled so loudly, as my throat’s still a bit scratchy, but it was a hard-played game and they only won in the very last couple of minutes. We stopped at DQ on the way home to celebrate.

I’m avoiding my recovery run. I know I should have gotten out yesterday morning, or even Monday, to work out this stiffness in my calves, but I know it’s going to be uncomfortable and I’m still feeling a little “immunologically challenged” (translate – whiny). I’m not languishing in the depths of snotty-hacking-cold-hell, just have a little tiredness and a tickle in the ears-nose-throat like I had last week.

I’ll get out for a little 20-30 minutes some time today, though. I have a XC race this Saturday and I need to work the nasties out of my legs. Maybe I’ll even run a hill Thursday – just one – to remind myself of how much fun I’m going to have this weekend.



  1. What is it about avoiding recovery runs? Its gotta be the pain/soreness. Can’t I just lie on the sofa until I’m not sore anymore?


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