Posted by: Karen | November 12, 2004

Yes, That’s Me

Did it start?

No, I’m not wearing the orange coat. or the purple one. Nope, not blue either… That’s me checking to see if my watch started at the beginning of last week’s XC. So the hat’s a little crazy – so are XC races! Besides, it kept my ears warm, and matched my poppy 🙂

ORN (on Penguin lists that means Obligatory Run Note): 5 km last night while my Darlin’ took the kids to soccer. I thought about the D-Day and Remembrance ceremonies that I’d watched earlier in the day and wondered if this world now is the kind they thought they were fighting for.

5 km really isn’t long enough to think about that much, especially since once I warmed up I blasted off a couple of fartleks between lamp posts, and I was concentrating on keeping my form efficient and fluid. No, Mom, fartleks are not a rude word – they’re bursts of energy when I run FAST in between my usual slogging along.

I thought about running 8 km before I went out, but didn’t feel like it. I felt like I was fighting off the Mermaid’s cold (from which she is nicely recovering). Maybe I am not quite yet recovered from Saturday’s race. Ah well, plenty of time to work out any residual lactic acids in those muscles on my long run this weekend.



  1. I’m part of the Toronto penguins list… SMALL world kinda huh?
    LOVE the hat! hee!

  2. I was wanting something like that this morning — very, um, unique. Yeah, unique!

  3. As so as that pic loaded I thought “I hope that’s her in the red hat!”. Too damn funny! LOL!

  4. Hey, if I’m gonna be last (or close), I should at least entertain the volunteers :). They always cheer up when they see me – they know they can go in for soup soon!


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