Posted by: Karen | November 10, 2004

I’m on The Map

I really am! I’m a little pink dot on a very cool Running Blog Map that Mark is setting up for the RBF.

Last night I ran with our little Penguin group in that little pink dot on the map. We took the usual route I’ve described lately, only backwards. Down the curling club stairs, West along the river, over 14th Street and back up Centre Street. My legs were quite tired even before we got to 14th St. and I was very glad for LL, Tri-Babe and Yo-go, who kept me going. They also kept me from straying off the route (twice!) – my brain was just not along for the ride. My mouth was busy rambling on ad nauseum about how much fun I am having blogging. Perhaps next week I’ll shut up and ask Tri-babe more about her vacation in Halifax …

You can’t really see it from the pink dot on the map, but it had rained earlier in the day and the route had a lovely, damp, not-frozen smell that we probably won’t get to experience for much longer.



  1. Yeah, soon it will be that damp-frozen-solid-till-April smell. Then again, I like the feeling of frozen dirt crunching under my feet. 🙂


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