Posted by: Karen | November 7, 2004

Fog Bubble

I got out for my second 8k of the weekend this afternoon. It had lightly snowed this morning and by the time I got out for my run most of it had melted and a heavy fog settled in. I couldn’t see much further than 50 meters, so I just ran in my own little fog bubble. Cars wooshed past, in and out of my bubble, and I heard the echo of an airplane somewhere above.

This was supposed to be a “recovery run”, from yesterday’s race, and also a way for me to make up some distance for not doing a long run this weekend. I intended to take it easy, but felt really good and finished it in really good time. My back is a little achy and I have a bit of a tight hamstring – probably from those fancy dance moves on the mud yesterday, but otherwise I’m feeling WAY better than I did after the Waldorf XC earlier this month.

We all also got our flu shots today. Little Mermaid’s cold is progressing along and she is still coughing and has sniffles, but as she has had no fever she was able to have her flu shot.

In even more other news, Pirate Boy made chocolate butterscotch fudge this afternoon with the butterscotch chips he made me buy. He even looked up the recipe at the Chipits site on his own. Considering I’m not usually a fan of butterscotch chips, it’s pretty yummy.



  1. Wow, flu shots! You are lucky. We are trying to get some because my wife is immuno-suppressed so she really needs the protection (they always say that “the elderly and those with suppressed immune systems” should get flu shots, etc.).

    Boy, that fudge sounds good. I love butterscotch chips, so if I was making it I might not have had enough chips left to make the fudge (after eating all the chips directly from the bag!). Sounds like fun.

    Take care.


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