Posted by: Karen | November 4, 2004


Looks like those 28 seconds have found some friends. I ran my benchmark 5k in 30 minutes and 23 seconds. It will do nicely for a starting point.

I measured out my route on the neighborhood boulevard yesterday in the van on my way home from work. When I ran it shortly after 9 a.m. there was very little traffic, so I was able to keep to pretty much the same side of the street the van had gone, for accuracy. The first few km were an ever so gentle up-grade, with the wind behind me.

The last two km were a little bit downhill, with a 50m steep block up in the first part of the last km, head on into a blistering Chinook wind. I tried to think of the wind as extra oxygen being pushed into me, and envisioned my sweat being whisked away, leaving me lighter and faster. I ran up the hill I normally walk up when I’m not timing myself. The last 500m were tilted ever so gently down. I let my stride go huge and galloped, gasping to my finish line.

Who but Mr. Cook was walking past my finish line! Mr. Cook is a 68 y.o. dude who walks 80 blocks a day around our neighborhood. I had a nice chat with him before heading back to the house.

I’m going to send my time in to the Penguins Faster 5k Challenge and see if I can improve on the time over the next 8 weeks.



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