Posted by: Karen | November 3, 2004

Comfort Run

There is something about our Tuesday night group runs that is very comfortable for me.

It might be the predictability, that every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. I’ll be heading out for about 50 minutes somewhere North of downtown on one of Gord’s medium-length routes.

It might be that Tuesday is a night when I don’t put high expectations on myself. It is a social run; no speedwork, no hill repeats, no pressure of having to last through an onerous long-run distance. Some nights we do run a little faster or longer because we are motivated by keeping up with each other, and some nights we go a little slower or walk more, to wait for each other, but either way it is no big deal on a Tuesday.

It might be the familiar company of my pals with whom I run. Often as we are updating each other on life developments over the week the miles float past a little more easily. The minor complaints of our bodies fade a little as we learn more about what book Yo-go is reading, LL’s son’s latest accomplishment, etc. As we share our recent mileage and upcoming goals we find encouragement and new resolve to press a little harder, do a little better.

Last night was all of that for me. It was even a little bit warm (comparatively), as an added bonus (7C/44.6F). We glided sublimely down over the Centre Street bridge with the Pink Lady valiantly doing speedwork and chuckling as she stayed ahead of us. South of the river we followed the pathway to 14th St. and headed back. We crossed North under the C-Train bridge at 10th, met a returning Running Room group, and headed up the Curling Club stairs.

Darn it, I was going to count the flights as I went up the stairs this week. I didn’t even think of it until my hamstrings called out to my brain for a distraction, half-way up. Maybe next week I’ll remember.



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