Posted by: Karen | November 1, 2004

Rest Day… NOT!

My legs are whiny today. Yesterday was a day off running, but not really a rest day.

I grocery shopped for a couple of hours (two week’s worth of supplies). Didn’t find pumpkins until the 4th store ( Yes, I should have bought earlier…). After unloading groceries I baked bread – more time on my feet. I did sit down long enough to carve a very surprised looking pumpkin. Cooked up food for my helpless family – more standing. Sent Darling Hubby out with the kiddos trick-or-treating and started in on an hour’s worth of dishes – more standing. Finally sat down in between answering the door for adorable little tykes in costumes, and the 9 y.o. Little Mermaid and Daddy are home. The kidlet still has at least an hour’s worth of energy left and it’s only 7 pm; Daddy’s foot is hurting again. So I went out for her second hour, until I was a tired, cold zombie.

The mermaid turned into a raving maniac, MUST GET MORE CANDY!!! We came home shortly after 8 and my Sweetheart had gone through 12 y.o. Jack Sparrow’s candy already. We dumped out the psycho-mermaid’s haul and I was glad my man had rested enough to help her sort through it. We all had a little gorge and then went off to bed. We should have enough munchies until Valentine’s day or maybe Easter, I figure.

Today I will sit at my desk at work 🙂
I will not walk or stand anywhere for anything that can’t wait until tomorrow.



  1. Nothing like a good gorge on sugar to make you feel all ready for bed. 🙂 Had to bring all the leftovers in to work this AM or I WOULD eat them all.


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