Posted by: Karen | October 30, 2004

Registration Run

Not only did I multi-task on my run today, I saved $ and was environmentally friendly! I tucked my race registration for the Jingle Bell 10k race into my running pouch and jogged down a big hill to the Super Drug Mart to drop it off. Registering this weekend is important, as the Early Reg runs out tomorrow, upping the reg fee. I will be collecting donations for this race. I’ve never done that before, but one must start somewhere, I suppose.

I had it in mind to run 16k on my long run this weekend, but my feet legs decided that I’d had enough mileage this week and sent me home early, for 12. Fair enough, really. I’m pretty much a 3x per week runner, and this was my fifth time out in seven days.

To keep my mind off of the tired legs and not head STRAIGHT home I dipsy-doodled through crescents and bike paths. I found a playground I didn’t know existed, hiding between back yards in a crescent I’ve run through 10 times, at least. There was hardly any ice left, and a nice chinook wind blowing. It should be so nice when the kids are trick-or-treating tomorrow!

I also counted 7 Canadian flags. I thought of counting pumpkins too late into the run, so didn’t bother. I probably would have lost count, anyway. I think on my next long run through the crescents I’m going to count play grounds.



  1. See! I made it! I love your dipsy-doodle hills…what a wonderful, evocative phrase. And I’ve always thought The flag of Canada is gorgeous – striking, simple, and referencing Nature with the use of the Maple leaf. We have Jingle Bells Runs for Arthritis all over the area here, too. My kind of race – great cause, fun theme…and I LOVE those jingling feet!


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