Posted by: Karen | October 28, 2004

Lunar Eclipse

I went out for a run under the lunar eclipse last night. It was a nice, clear evening with a gentle breeze and just below freezing. I stuck to a main boulevard where the pavement was free of ice. I ran East a little while longer than I’d planned, as I was feeling great, heading gently downhill, and wanted to look at the moon for just a bit more before turning back. I ended up doing 10 km instead of 7.5, as I’d originally planned.

No negative splits on the run because I had to run back up the darn hill and kept turning around to see the sliver of moon get smaller and smaller. I did my 10k in 1:06 (without a race number on!) and felt just ducky.

I don’t usually run two nights back to back, but a) the eclipse called me out and b) my schedule is looking darn busy today and tomorrow.. I might not be able to get another run in until the weekend. Besides, I only ran 5 km last weekend – I need to make up a little mileage.


  1. Nice time on that 10K, especially with uphills.

    If I was an evening runner I’d have done it, too. The moon was gorgeous. But, last night, no. Had to watch the Sox. Woo-hoo.

  2. A very cool run with the moon and all. I was out and saw it first coming ealier in the evening and thought it would be cool to be running then. Glad someone was out doing it. šŸ™‚


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