Posted by: Karen | October 27, 2004

The Usual

We did one of the usual routes from Gord’s store last night. Nobody new showed up, but 5 of us Penguin regulars and about the same number of Gord’s group ran downhill (wheee!) past the Ukranian church, South over the river on Langevin bridge, and along the river pathway heading West. The long option was to 14th St., but we took the 10th St. bridge back over the river (medium option) and hauled our butts up the curling club stairs to get back up to the store.

It was dark before we even started out, but there was a full moon, and we mostly stayed on lighted, dry pavement. There was considerably less ice than last week, thank goodness, and it was easy to avoid. I think the air was a tad warmer than last week, too, at close to freezing.

We warmed up to quite a blistering pace by 20 minutes, and I realized that I was not going to be able to keep this up for the whole run (about 7km), so we slowed down a bit, and eventually took a walk break. Tri-babe was on a roll, so she kept on going, but Yo-go’s HRM was bleeping at 91% and LL had already slowed to walk a minute before. We caught our breath and resumed running at a more manageable pace, catching up to Tri-babe and her stitch on the way back from 10th St. LL stayed back with her and Yo-go and I carried on at our manageable pace. They caught back up just as we got back to the store.

By about 35 minutes my calves and ham strings reminded me that we’d run hard on Sunday, and shouldn’t we be done by now? I told them to hold on, we’d just go up a few flights of stairs and be almost done 😉

I should count how many flights of stairs there are on the curling club hill some time. It might keep my mind off the loud gasping sound I make while climbing them.



  1. I love running or walking under a full moon but I am a flatlander so I can not say much for hills.


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