Posted by: Karen | October 26, 2004

Mass x Velocity =

Momentum, right? (It’s been a long time since Physics 10.) Set an object in motion… like Me, for instance. Send me hurtling down a hill and watch me go.

I really don’t mind a couple of extra pounds, since my jeans still fit. I can carry all of my weight way further and faster and for much, much longer, with far less pain or tiredness than I could 5 years ago!

Todays run: At Gord’s Running Store with the group this evening. Don’t know which direction he’ll be sending us, but I’m sure there will be ice and darkness involved. We’ll see if the newbie who contacted me last week shows up.


  1. I was sweating like a P-I-G in 80 percent humidity today and you’re getting snow!? So glad to be in Texas — if I had to brave ice, I could not run outdoors — I’d fall on my butt too much!

  2. I love your site but I also would not know what to do with snow and ice. Alligators and snakes in the ditches I can deal with but snow and ice is a whole different country.


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